Brain Typing by Jonathan Niednagel

A Brief Look At The Benefits of Brain Typing by Jonathan Niednagel

Brain Typing-Product CoverBrain Typing appeals to me because it’s a method for identifying certain characteristics of yourself, as well as others, that you’ve probably never considered before! This program characterizes 16 different types of people and, more importantly, the personal traits of each type of person.

 For example, if you could identify a person’s characteristics, learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses, that would be a powerful skill to have in your life! Imagine meeting someone new and being able to accurately identify that person’s strengths and weaknesses, what makes them tick, how you should interact with them, what they like and dislike, and so on. You could use that powerful skill for the rest of your life!


Author: Jonathan Niednagel has been researching and refining his approach, known as brain typing, for three decades. A pioneer in brain typing, it became nationally recognized in the 1990’s and has gained wide acceptance and appreciation ever since. Niednagel is the founder of the Brain Type Institute, where he helps people understand how God has gifted them from an inborn and indelible point of view.

 Description: In this 8 CD, 1 DVD course with workbooks, Jonathan Niednagel helps listeners gain an uncanny, razor-sharp understanding of themselves and everyone around them. He has recognized 16 different and unique brain types, each with inherent and specific mental and physical proficiencies and deficiencies. By understanding brain type, an individual will more easily know what they are designed to do in life and how best to achieve success. Take a simple assessment, provided with the course, and open a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities.


  • Easily recognize strongest natural weaknesses and how to minimize them
  • A Quick Look At Lessons of a Lifetime by Jim Rohn and Darren Hardy
  • Understand the reason for certain consistent thoughts and reactions
  • Gain self-acceptance, improved confidence, and greater freedom
  • Quickly develop new skills and apply them for greater success
  • Better understand God and His individual and unique design
  • Improve relationships through better understanding, appreciation, respect, communication and harmony
  • Audio format for listening in the car, while exercising, or doing other things
  • Audio, video and printed materials for both the auditory and visual learners
  • Can listen over and over to gain greater insight into the information

Get the Skills You Need to Become a Master at Brain Typing Now!

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